‘Delicious’ chocolate bar developed by robots using artificial intelligence


Chocoholics can soon feast on the first bar developed by robots.

Artificial intelligence was used to analyse more than 1.5 million online posts about choccie cravings to help create The Bar.

And its makers now predict their space age treat, containing milk chocolate, cookie crumbs and nuts, will please just about everybody in the galaxy.

Their prototype also contains 30% less sugar than conventional chocolate – so it could even win approval from nutrition campaigners.

Finnish food firm Valio hopes The Bar will reach sweet shops next year. The firm’s vice president Timo Pajari said: “We wanted to unravel the most delicious and hidden desires of milk chocolate fans.

“By connecting the capabilities of AI, human craftsmanship and design with our milk powder know-how, we were able to create the chocolate of the future.”

The artificial intelligence revealed a recipe for a bar containing five flavours, all lactose-free and with less sugar, but with no change in taste.

Mr Pajari said: “The results showed there is no single favourite chocolate taste, filling, or size… but consumers want milk chocolate to be healthier and natural with less sugar.

“The Bar showcases how we can utilise AI to create even better products.”